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Sure Green Hydro-PR  (Mixing Inst) Organic


Directions For Use:

For All Plants: 

 Apply this product in the morning or evening. Use every 4-6 weeks

Use 4 ounces to a 10-20 gallon hose end sprayer, preferably a 20 gallon. Pour 4 ounces into hose end sprayer container, fill completely with water and mix. Spray leaves of plants until run off.

Water plants and leaves at least once daily in the morning for at least five days, and as needed there after. How many plants that can be sprayed before container runs empty depends on the size of plants.

Hose end sprayer

Example Of Hose End Sprayer

Note: If using a commercial sprayer, mix 4 ounces per 20 gallons of water.

Storage: Store Sure Green Hydro-PR  in a cool dark place. Storage life is aprox 2 years.



While mixing, do not get in eyes, may cause irritation, although product is mild, and a low dust content  if any, if this happens, flush eyes with water. wear goggles,  wear gloves.

Do not eat or drink Sure Green Hydro- PR. Keep out of reach of children!