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Our lawn startup packages consist of :

Herbicide of weeds, Nutrients,

Sure Green Hydro-LR/organic matter

 Tackifier/extra holding,

Hydromulch with seed .


When starting your lawn package , be sure there has not been any chemicals such as post emergents or pre emergents for a control-ment of weeds applied to your lawn . If so, we will need to know what was used and when, and how long  the chemicals or emergents will remain in the soil, before allowing seeds to germinate, before beginning service. (Any weed killer used must state that you can plant 10 days after applying! This is what we use, if we kill your weeds prior to hydromulch with the Lawn Startup) .

Emergents put a hamper on bermuda seeds when trying to germinate. If a leaf base chemical such as Roundup or a generic was used, this is ok as long as it is not a extended kill out for two months, 6 months or more etc. Be careful ,there is a Roundup 360 that will hamper growth of new seeds for a year! Any chemical that states extended kill out etc, has emergents that can hamper growth. Weed and Feed also has emergents. Also keep in mind that emergents will harm the biology in your soil if used.

When service is completed,
we will leave you with:

Water instructions
Trouble shoot guide
Mowing instructions