Starts April 20th 2014

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    How do i start my lawn startup package service?

Figure how many square footage you have and the seed type you prefer. Use the Quick Quote icon at the bottom of this page, click on your square footage, and follow additional questions, then click to get on schedule if you prefer. We have provided you with  Quick Quote for lawn startup with common bermuda or lawn startup with upgrade bermuda.

You will receive a confirmation and a copy of your service order and a service tracking# through your email provided. You will then be on our service schedule. We will then contact you a day or two in advance to begin service, or schedule a day to start service. If you have changes to your order, we can do it then when we contact you.

When will i be next for service? Service Tracking

How long does it take to get on schedule for service?

Anything i need to do before service begins?  

Yes! Once we call you in advance to schedule a day to start, give your lawn a regular mowing prior to herbicide of your weeds.

How long does it take for my weeds to brown? and what will i need to do then?

Your weeds will take aproxmatly 8 to 10 days to brown, when it gets close to the end of this period, you will need to scalp lawn to ground surface, or as low as your mower will go.Also  be sure not to have a lot of clippings {thatch} on the surface, if so remove them.

No! we will contact you to schedule the day for your hydromulch.We will have the records for when we herbicided your lawn. Normally your hydromulch is scheduled for service, 10 to 12 days after, from when your lawn was herbicided.

Lawn startup with common bermuda Lawn Startup/common Lawn Startup with upgrade bermuda Lawn Startup/upgrade