Seeds Available For Our Hydromulch Services             

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{ These are some of the seeds we have available for our hydromulch services! }

   Turf Bermuda { Ideal Planting Times  April 25th -Sept 1st }

   Common  { pricelists displayed }

   Sahara  (finer blade, softer look)


   Triangle Blend {Sultan, Mohawk, Sydney } a tiff 419 comparison




   Paster Bermuda  {Good For Livestock }

   { Ideal Planting Time April 25th-  Sept 1st }

   Giant Bermuda




   Turf Fescue  { For Shaded Areas }Ideal Planting Times: Oct-Feb

   Titan RX ( recommended )

   Kentucky 31



   Winter Rye { Ideal Planting Times Oct-March }




   Native Grass Mixes { Not Recommended For Lawns } Commercial

   Fast Grass Mix :

   {Blackjack Bermuda, Teff, Millet

   { Ideal Planting  Times March- August

   Pipeline Summer Mix: 

   {Millet, Teff, Giant Bermuda,   Spangletop,Indiangrass, sideoats,

   Blue grama, Sanddrop, Little Bluestem

   { Ideal planting Times   March-June

   Summer Mix: 

   {Little Bluestem, Plains Bluestem, Sideoats, Spangletop, Clover,

   Bermuda, Lovegrass, Buffalograss, Bluegrama

   { Ideal Planting Times April-August }

   Winter Grass Mix:

   { Little Bluestem, Plains Bluestem, Sideoats, Blue Grama,

   Buffalograss, Wheatgrass, Wildrye, Wheat

   { Ideal Planting Times Oct-April }


   Wildflowers { Ideal Planting Times With Lovegrass April-August }

   Oklahoma Wildflower Mix / Lovegrass

   Bluebonnets / Lovegrass

   Wildflowers / Lovegrass

Winter Package Hydromulch { Ideal Planting Times Oct- March 15th } 

Winter Package