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Prep Inst

If hydromulching on bare dirt, remove any big rocks prior to.

Sratch top surface areas with a rake if water will not penetrate through soil, such as hard slick clay areas. Or low areas which retained water, then dried and crusted soil.

Remove debree, leaves, sticks,etc. Note: If you deside to till, do not till up live weeds, you will have more weeds than ever, weeds will need to be killed first, then till.

Or kill weeds then mow weeds to ground surface, then hydromulch.

Note: If you have rye planted, it will need to be killed off first, or wait until mother-nature burns it off before planting bermuda.

Also wait until you are in the bermuda start season to do this!


If you have a lot of weeds, consider our Lawn Startup Package. Our Lawn Startup consist of a herbicide application and hydromulch 10-15 days after your herbicide application.

Earliest time start to herbicide is April 20th. This package is for the warm season grasses.

Season Start

*For Bermuda. Season (starts late April or first of May).For the latest time to seed bermuda or warm season grass, would be the first week of Sept.

*For cool season grasses like Rye, Fescue, Winter Package, or cool season Natives is Oct 15 through 1st week of March.

Early Scheduling

When scheduling for bermuda or warm season grasses or our Lawn Startup, scheduling can be done early to get on our work list.

We will have you on file for when the season starts. You will receive a tracker # to see where you are at on our work list.

When your # reaches the top or close to, we will call you to set a quick service date.

When Not To Hydromulch

When out of season or you have emergent in your soil. If your bare dirt or existing lawn was treated with emergents for controlment of weeds,

You will need to know how long the extension of the chemical is, 2,4,6, months etc; before seeding.

Emergents will hamper seed growth or not allow any germination at all, until extension runs out.

Weed and Feed also has emergent in it. We recommend keeping emergent out of soil at all times.