Sure Green Hydro

Drought / Soil Compaction Juice


32 Ounce /5,300 sf
Organic product to loosen compacted soil using Sure Green Hydro

 Organic! Fast Acting! Free Shipping!

Industrial sizes coming soon!

compacted soil 

loose soil after using Sure Green Hydro- Drought And Compaction Juice

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All Organic

Organic Description 
*Our organic water saver is finally here for the hot summer! *
Organic New Product Just Launched!  For Lawns , golf courses, parks, etc. Does not burn grass. Biodegradable plant oil extracts and root stimulator, carbon sink resevoir. Can be used all through the growing season!

What It Does

Product Description
Loosens compacted soils and saves water up to 75% or more! After one initial watering soil will stay moist for hours , even in high heat! Allows nutrients to get to roots. Creates a carbon resevoir at roots.  A root stimulator added as well. Works within minutes! Works on all soil types. Before and after photos shown are actual results and real photos of results in the field.