Sure Green Hydro-PR

Organic Plant Fertilizer

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32 Ounce / 10-15,000sf
Sure Green Hydro-PR brand organic fertilizer for plants| Green Hydro

Heavily Concentrated With Organic!

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Organic Sure Green Hydro-PR Description

*Coming soon our organic liquid  plant leaf lift & growth juice!*

Derived from soy bean with all the amino acids added, and 5 carbon atoms and plant extracts. UV protection. Has a organic nitrogen fixation of 16%. Greens plants and creates healthy soil. The bottom shorter scale in the image below is the fertility ideal range sitting in green at its fertility settings. Improves plants with all the nutrients will not burn plants.

Sure Green Hydro-PR healthy organic soil matters

What It Does

Product Description
Sure Green Hydro-PR ready to spray is a unique product being able to spray 10-15,000sf of plant area before running empty. Making it faster and easier to get the job done with less hassels. Greens plants and restores.Creates healthy soil. Note: High water pressure can sometimes empty the bottle faster. If this happens turn down the faucet water a bit. Easy to use. Hook up to a garden hose and spray